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Can We See Consumers' Misgivings In The "Local Protection" New Energy Vehicles In Greenhouses?

Sep 10.2018
In order to support the new energy automobile industry and create a market environment, the state has given preferential subsidies to new energy automobiles, and local governments have responded positively to vigorously support and promote them. However, under the policy-led environment, the new energy automobile market seems to be prosperous, but in fact, there are many chaos hidden behind, facing multiple challenges and fierce competition. In order to gain absolute advantage in the challenges of new energy automobile enterprises, we should not only make full use of the resources of "local protection", but also pay attention to the real needs of consumers all the time and solve the problems they really worry about. Let's listen to their voices together.

Doubt one: charging pile problem

The new energy vehicle is not the same as the pedal electric vehicle, it can take the battery home to fill. But to charge on the charging pile. And the installation of charging pile must have a parking space. At present, in most cities of our country, parking spaces in residential areas are very tense and very expensive. Sometimes the price of a parking space is even several times higher than that of your car. If you already have a parking space, you need to go to the power supply bureau to apply for charging piles. Even if the successful application of the charging pile, the property will also bring a lot of resistance, especially in some old residential areas, charging pile installation still faces some problems such as demolition and facilities transformation.

Doubt two: Endurance issues

Endurance is the main problem of all electric vehicles. Even now the top Tesla, the longest life can reach 500km. If it's winter, 400km will be thankful. It's really dangerous to go out for a long distance like this distance.

And as new energy vehicles become more numerous, the frequent charging of a large number of vehicles inevitably leads to a long queue at the public charging stations: it takes an hour to charge in a high-speed service area, and imagine the horrible scenario!

Doubt three: battery problem

Many people will feel that new energy vehicles are saving money because they use electricity instead of gas. But have you ever thought that battery life is limited? In general, new energy vehicles need to be replaced by batteries in about 5 years. And it takes at least 3 to 50 thousand yuan to replace a battery. In fact, the price of refueling can not be too much!

However, at present, the state and enterprises are working to solve these problems. With the vigorous support of the state policy and the rapid deployment of related supporting facilities such as charging piles, the problem of difficult charging is being solved. With the continuous progress of the core technologies, such as the Three Electric Vehicles, the endurance mileage of the electric vehicles is becoming stronger and stronger, and it will gradually reach the same level as the fuel vehicles. Electric vehicle has been greatly improved in terms of product quality and intelligent technology. With the technical accumulation in the field of laser equipment in the past 20 years and the rich practice in the field of automation in the last decade, Gem Laser has promoted the development of power battery manufacturing towards automation, intelligence and visualization. The popularization and popularization of power battery will inevitably bring about a reasonable market price. At present, Gem laser welding equipment can provide solutions including automatic sealing line of battery cover plate, automatic sealing line of injection port, automatic welding system of pole soft connection, explosion-proof valve welding system and automatic welding system of battery module.

With the rapid development of new energy technology, new energy vehicles have gradually penetrated into many people's daily life, showing a trend of replacing fuel vehicles. So, all kinds of new energy vehicles, want to firmly occupy the "C" of new energy vehicles, must not only meet the future development trend of the new energy industry, but also apply to the daily travel needs of consumers!

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