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Calculation Of Economic Accounts, Why Cable Marking Must Use Laser?

May 28.2018
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the wire and cable industry has also developed. In 2017, China's wire and cable industry reached 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, up 6.3% compared with the same period in 2016. The scale of the industry market has maintained rapid and steady growth, and the production and sales volume of the national wire and cable has surpassed that of the United States to reach the number one in the world.

During the period of 13th Five-Year, the total investment of China's distribution network is estimated to reach 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan, with an average annual investment of 340 billion. It is planned that by 2020, the length of the high voltage distribution network will reach 101 km, and the length of the medium voltage distribution network will reach 4 million 40 thousand km.

At the same time, the "13th Five-Year" also formulated a rural power grid upgrading and upgrading plan with total investment over 700 billion yuan. Thus, the demand for power cable market in China is strong during the "13th Five-Year" period.

With the increase of the demand for wire and cable, the efficiency and the cost of compression have become a big problem in front of the manufacturers, so many manufacturers are starting to look for new production processes.

Taking the cable surface marking technology as an example, the original ink jet code is replaced by the laser code technology, and the production efficiency, the processing effect and the production cost have all improved in all directions.

Cost of consumables

Ink jet Code: an ink jet coding machine cost 2-4 million yuan a year, according to the understanding, a medium-sized enterprise one year purchase of ink cost to reach 40-50 or more million.

Laser code: no cost of consumables.

Running time

Ink jet Code: ink jet code machine is affected by the change of working environment and temperature and humidity, it is easy to produce the plugging of ink road and sprinkler, with high failure rate and short service life of the equipment.

Laser spurting Code: stable and continuous production of 24h can be achieved, and the service life of the optical fiber laser code printer can reach more than 100 thousand hours.

Marking speed

Ink jet coding: manual or mechanical operation can achieve 1 or more lines of character markings, relatively slow speed.

The laser spurting Code: uses the computer integrated intellectualized operation, may realize the automatic feeding, the automatic marking, the automatic storage, saves the time; the marking speed is faster.

Labor cost

Ink spray code: ink jet printing machine processes, more need to continue to add ink, and often to clean the sprinkler for maintenance, material storage is limited.

Laser code: automatic on-line flight marking can be realized, and the process is reduced; and the development speed is fast, the mark can be changed, the storage capacity is large, and the manual maintenance is not necessary, and the operation is simple.

Laser marking machine, as an advanced marking equipment, is replacing traditional marking equipment for its many advantages, becoming the latest choice for wire and cable manufacturers. Smart manufacturers know how to choose between inkjet and laser code.

The flying UV laser marking machine, developed by the Jiaming laser, uses high energy density ultraviolet laser to process the workpiece without contact. The marking precision is high, the speed is fast, and the mark is clear. You deserve to have ~

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