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Anti Counterfeiting By Laser Engraving Support Id Card In Uruguay

Jan 11.2018
Although Uruguay, the second small country in South America, has a population of only 3 million 300 thousand, it is famous for its technological innovation and social policy. Uruguay has been ranked first in all South American countries in terms of democracy, peace, policy transparency and quality of life, as well as e-government since 2017 (e-Government).

In fact, since the implementation of E-government in Uruguay for two years, the ranking of E-government in the United Nations has increased by 24, ranking the twenty-sixth in the world, ranking first in the countries around South America.
A new electronic IC card consisting of two chips of polycarbonate will make it more difficult to prevent forgery. The IC card's biggest feature is the electronic signature and the important personal data, which is easy to distinguish the user's information authenticity.
The key to the scheme is the laser marking technology of IXLA (a company that has developed a ID 5 Laser Desktop business card printer in Italy). The government can use the laser printer in the most secure way to engrave the resident identity card. The government of Uruguay is deploying the ID 5 business department in the whole country to make it convenient for the citizens to update their identity papers near their homes. ID 5 can achieve laser engraving polycarbonate and PVC cards, and can also be coded for smart cards, magnetic cards, radio frequency identification cards. It is one of the products of the laser engraving technology, which aims to make it possible for the government to issue a safe identity card and a passport that meets the standards of the international civil aviation organization.
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