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All Aluminum Furniture Hoting Metal Laser Cutting Machine Conquering Aluminum Plate

Apr 27.2018
The main material of furniture for a long time is wood, which not only wastes the trees, but also is the chemical composition added in the process of furniture combination, which is easy to cause air pollution and harm the health of the human body.

In recent years, all aluminum furniture is growing in furniture industry with its unique advantages and metallic appearance. All aluminum furniture, as the name suggests, is made of aluminum, which has high content in the earth's crust, easy to obtain and easy to shape, and easier to process than wood.

Aluminum screen

At the same time, aluminum as a furniture material, can avoid the wood self - carrying defects, in the finished product better than wood furniture, and more durable, can adapt to various environmental temperature, no cracking and deformation and other problems. The most important thing is that aluminum furniture is fixed by welding, inserting, screws and so on, without adhesive, and no need to worry about formaldehyde.

In addition to the furniture industry, the aluminum plate in life is more widely used, roadside signs, billboards, building decoration, home kitchen, screen, ornaments, industrial ships, ships, cars and so on, all can be seen on the figure of the aluminum plate. With the expansion of demand, the market has put forward higher requirements for the processing efficiency of aluminum plate, and the laser processing has the characteristics of convenient and efficient. It is also that laser cutting technology is widely used in the field of metal processing, and the thickness of the cutting metal is also increasing with the increase of power, similar to the laser cutting of all aluminum furniture sheet. The machine is just a piece of cake.

Advantages of laser cutting machine:

1, cutting slit fine: laser cutting aluminum plate slotting in general 0.1mm-0.2mm.

2. The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface of laser cutting aluminum plate has no burrs and no slag.

3, thermal deformation is small: laser cutting processing speed, energy concentration, so the heat transferred to the cutting material is small, causing the deformation of the material is also very small.

4, saving material: laser processing by computer programming, laser equipment can make different shapes of aluminum sheet materials, improve the material utilization rate, save a lot of material cost after years of practice, laser cutting machine in the field of metal processing is very mature, however in recent years to face the addition of adding. With the change of workpiece demand, the early laser cutting machine has not been able to keep pace with the times.
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