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ABS Special Laser Marking Machine For Plastic Laser Lettering

Dec 21.2017
Plastic is a kind of important packaging materials, plastic products trademark, barcode and number for identification mark printing, labelling, packaging and other external contraction of hot stamping processing usually generated by, or through the surface of plastic products processing machinery such as stamping, direct, engraving, punching and forming a mark. Using laser marking machine to print marks on plastic products is a new marking technology with high processing speed, which can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, and make words, numbers or icons and plastic products become a unified whole. Laser marking machine for plastic products directly generates marks on the surface of plastics by means of laser beams, including marking, coding, labeling, character, lines and numbers. There is no need for other processing procedures.

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Laser Marking Samples Show;

Laser marking machine can be achieved in the aluminum shell carving LOGO trademarks, text, images, two-dimensional code, serial number, encoding, carving without ink, only electricity can be produced, carved LOGO trademark long do not fade, do not fall off, carving efficiency is high speed, simple operation of CNC computer control. It is widely used by merchants in marking and carving of products.
All kinds of characters, serial number, product number, bar code, two-dimensional code and production date are marked on plastic products, and time, date or serial number and product number can automatically jump. Laser printer play text and graphics not only clear, fine, but also can not be erased or modified, which is very advantageous for product quality and channel tracking, can more effectively prevent the expired product sales, and to prevent security chuanhuo. As a modern precision machining method, laser spurting machine has an unparalleled advantage compared with traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical characterization, EDM. Laser printer equipment is maintenance free, free adjustment, high reliability performance, especially suitable for fine, smooth, require a higher degree of depth of field, so it is widely used in the luxury goods industry, metal products processing of iron, copper, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, gold, silver and all metal oxides.

Silver jewelry, bracelets and other text, pictures, symbols, LOGO trademarks, two-dimensional code, name, greetings, photos, a laser engraving machine engraving with LOGO text pattern will never fade and never fall off effect; engraving without ink just electricity can be produced; and engraving speed and simple operation carved a LOGO trademark only needs 1-5 seconds to complete. GEM LASER LIMITED adheres to the purpose of "quality, perfect service and solving difficulties for customers". We constantly study laser equipment manufacturing technology and laser processing technology, and strive to solve product problems for customers. Welcome to the test machine!

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