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A Small Trick To Prevent Radiation From Laser Cutting Machines

Jan 10.2018
Radiation is ubiquitous to people, and the computers, phones, blowers and copiers we use often have radiation. The radiation is the size, the proper measure of self protection is to eliminate the harm that radiation brings to yourself. However, today Xiaobian metal processing will introduce is radiation on laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, the radiation is not to be underestimated, especially fatal harm to human, so how to protect themselves, to avoid the radiation damage of the laser cutting machine?
1. Eyes
General new contact laser cutting machine, all like to look at the cutting head, if long time to see the sparks produced by cutting, the eye is hurt, there is a sense of pain. In the process of the laser cutting machine, the characteristics of the laser emitted can make the energy concentrated in space and time. The energy density of the retina is increased by 104~105 compared with the corneal energy density by focusing on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye. The monochromatic laser is good and the chromatic aberration in the fundus is small. A very low laser energy can cause damage to the cornea or retina.

2. Skin
Laser according to the skin, such as energy (power) is too large can cause skin damage, of course, can damage by tissue repair, although the function declined, but does not affect the overall function structure, if long time irradiation may burn scars and damage to the eyes, although much lighter, but also must cause attaches great importance to.

3. Breathing
The high temperature produced by laser can cooperate with the gas to complete various processes. At the same time, a lot of dust will also be generated. Especially when processing some special metal materials, the smog will contain a lot of chemical components. The dust will float in the air, and it will be harmful to the human body after inhalation.

How to avoid the damage caused by the optical fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Necessary protective equipment for laser cutting machine and wearing protective mirror to prevent eye injury by laser. Other people in the working area do not look at the cutting laser directly.

2, the operator should pay attention to eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin AC and protein foods, often drink Green Tea etc., because these foods can help people better maintain the eyes, let the body to radiation in laser cutting machine under the condition of good maintenance of human body.

3, there should be a complete set of dust removal equipment, as far as possible in the air unobstructed environment operation, try to wear a mask.

4. When the cutting scene is arranged, the site and wall of the working environment are painted dark to reduce the radiation.

5, do not immediately touch the finished parts, so as to avoid the residual temperature scald.

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