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A Love And Interesting Valentine's Day Gift,are You Ready?

Feb 08.2018
Valentine's Day is coming, and began to send what gift should be puzzled, if you still want to send flowers, chocolates, is really no one new. So do you buy a luxury? But there's a little pain in my wallet...
If you want to have a creative gift and not burn too much money, you can try a customized laser gift, whether it's a custom gift, text or picture, greeting card, crystal, photo frame and so on. It's a lovely and interesting Christmas gift. Are you ready?

Here are some tips to give you some hints.

Send a flower
The never withered love

Steel flower is made by advanced laser cutting and marking technology. It will never fade, mirror stainless steel, no rust and no color change. The flower base can be customized with blessing words.

A metal rotating Trojan with a laser cut
Preserve the original innocence

The metal carousel, uses advanced laser cutting, marking technology made of stainless steel material, not rust;; by the combination of seven horses and horse true to life, the base can be customized with Xinyu; packaging with exquisite kraft paper, compared with the ordinary toy horse, can express your mind.

Color chicken with laser marking
To say goodbye to the 2017
The color laser marking and laser cutting process custom limited edition rainbow chicks, beautiful color marking, with Meng appearance, warming the hearts of a second, it is about the past to say goodbye to the year of the rooster, but right then.

The gift does not lie in the price, but in the mind, especially the ingenuity of the laser custom gift, do you have to move you?
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