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An India Student In West Industrial University Falls In Love With Chinese Paper-cut With Laser Cutti

Feb 28.2018
Vinay, a 22 year old student from New Delhi, India, has a good and memorable Chinese name - Wen Nan. Is the West aerospace engineering college he has been gradually familiar with this unique ancient city of Xi'an. Talking about the people of the city of Xi'an and Xi'an, he talked about a "little thing" that made him unforgettable. When he first came to Xi'an, he was unfamiliar with him, and he went to the bell tower alone. After a meal at a fast restaurant, he left for a long time and found his wallet was missing. "Not only money, my student card and other documents are also in the wallet, but I will not speak Chinese, the language is not clear, where should I look for it? I really don't know what to do. " A man in the south of the bell tower was eagerly looking for it, and he thought carefully that it might have fallen on the seat of the fast dining room. He hurried back to see that the restaurant attendant had helped him collect his wallet and handed it back to him on the spot. This scene is unforgettable to the south of his hometown. He was the first impression of the people of Xi'an.

Today, Wen Nan has been in junior high school. Although his Chinese is not very fluent, he still needs to speak with Chinese teachers and classmates in English and Chinese, but this does not hinder his love for Chinese culture. After the winter vacation, Chinese students have been home for the new year, and most of the students from all over the world remain in the school. In order to enrich their holiday life, the international practice and innovation base of West Industrial University set up an intangible cultural heritage experience project -- paper-cut, so that more foreign students can understand Chinese culture and familiarity with Chinese folk art. Unlike the familiar folk artists with scissors cutting scenes, students learn to cut paper without scissors.

"This is a window for their understanding of Chinese culture and a good opportunity for them to improve their experience in laser cutting operations. The students learned very quickly. " Wang Lingli, a tutor, said that in order to understand the history and artistic features of Chinese paper-cut, he translated the relevant information into English in advance. In front of the computer, the South and his classmates by the teacher to provide innovative paper-cut template, with their China of festival culture, folk art, design different paper-cut patterns, then use a non metal laser cutting machine laser cutting on the red card, a few minutes can cut out a piece of paper cutting works. They will mark the patterns of the twelve Chinese zodiac, giant panda, double fish, peony, lotus and so on, and combine them with Chinese "Chun" and "Fu" to create a unique paper-cut works.

There are different historical origins behind each piece of paper cutting, which embodies the great traditional culture of China, which is a new learning experience for the south. Among the foreign students in various countries, he designed the most paper cutting and the best quality. After receiving the affirmation and approval of the instructor, Wen was more confident. "Chinese paper-cut is especially beautiful," he said. "I like it now."
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