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A Breakthrough In Domestic Laser Color Printing Powder Technology In Changxing Island

Dec 12.2017
The good news came recently in the Changxing Island Economic Zone in Liaoning province fine chemical industrial generic technology innovation platform: pastel color laser printing technology breakthrough, the first batch of pilot Pastel Color printing device output has been submitted to the relevant state departments for approval. The project to achieve industrialization, our country will completely change the pattern of imported powder laser printing.

According to reports, fine chemical industrial generic technology innovation platform pastel color laser printing project by the new elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changjiang Scholar Professor, State Key Laboratory of fine chemicals, director of the Peng Xiaojun team. At present, the equipment investment in the early stage of the project is 10 million yuan, and there will be two pilot plant installation in the near future. After the pilot test is finished, the industry will be industrialized in Changxing Island economic zone. With the pilot work smoothly, the project of technology transfer, capital docking and industrial project construction work will be put on the agenda, plan in 2018 to build the adult industry project of producing 300 tons of powder, the estimated annual output value of 100 million yuan.

At present, our country colored all rely on imports, the price is as high as 400 yuan per kilogram to 600 yuan. The color laser printing project development based on polymeric dyes on different from abroad, easy mass production, with completely independent intellectual property rights, is expected to price at 200 yuan per kilogram to 400 yuan, much lower than the price of imported products.
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