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5G Large Scale Commercial On The Spot To See How Laser Technology Can Enable PCB Industry

Oct 28.2019
Here comes 5g. When we are worried about when it is most cost-effective to buy 5g mobile phones, Huawei Xinsheng community recently released an interview summary of Ren Zhengfei. Unexpectedly, Ren Zhengfei made a particularly bold proposal to sell Huawei's 5g technology, which is a one-off purchase, rather than paying the annual license fee.

Compared with 4G, 5g has greatly improved its technical performance indicators, achieving three 100 times improvement. As a major technology provider and equipment supplier in the 5g era, Huawei is willing to share 5g technology with other enterprises. For the market, Huawei's technical advantages will undoubtedly accelerate the implementation of many enterprises' 5g plans.

With the arrival of 5g commercial, there will be a huge circuit board increment

Because 5g has more data, higher transmitting frequency and higher working frequency band, there are higher requirements for the quantity and quality of antennas in 5g era. With the tide of 5g base station construction, circuit board, as an indispensable electronic material in base station construction, will show a trend of multiplication, which will also bring demand boost and more advanced processing technology requirements to PCB industry.

How to enable PCB industry with laser technology?

As a non-contact processing tool, laser can add high-intensity light energy to a small focus, and can be used to laser cut, drill, mark, weld, scribe and other processing of materials.

1. Reduce production cost

The laser technology processing circuit board adopts the numerical control processing form, does not need the mold processing, saves the mold expense, reduces the production cost;

2. Improve production efficiency

Laser processing has the advantages of fast speed and high precision, which can directly shorten the period of product processing and manufacturing and improve the production efficiency.

3. Reduce unnecessary processes

Laser technology only needs to import the graphics into the control system, no matter how complex the graphics are, they can be formed in one time, accurately realized, and unnecessary processing procedures can be saved;

4. No stress and no damage to workpiece

The traditional contact processing method will produce processing stress on the circuit board, which may cause physical damage. Laser processing circuit board is non-contact processing, which can effectively avoid material damage and deformation.

5. Low maintenance cost and high cost performance

Laser equipment performance is stable, durable and can work continuously, not easy to damage, in the later maintenance cost advantages.

The series of laser equipment independently developed by gem laser can effectively process high-density and high integrated circuit board products. It can cut, groove and mark the shape of flexible circuit board, hard board and sip package board. It is the first choice equipment for making 5g circuit board. It is widely used in the precision processing of mobile digital products, wearable devices, automotive electronics, integrated chips and other products.

In the trend of rapid technology and generation change, gem laser is lucky to provide the market with the opportunity of advanced laser processing technology. Taking advanced light source, precision manufacturing, processing service and intelligent manufacturing as the starting point, it helps the PCB industry to present the integrated development of laser and precision processing, laser and automatic manufacturing, and indirectly contributes to 5g industry.

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