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Mini Laser Welding Machine

1. On the premise of ensuring the laser beam quality, the range of the galvanometer welding is expanded. Thus the mini laser welding machine can be used more widely in the laser welding of various industries more.

2. The scope of the galvanometer is usually rectangular. This system is connected with two galvanometers, which makes full use of the advantage of the long side of the galvanometer and expand the scope as much as possible.

3. Theoretically, the system can infinitely connect the galvanometer in parallel. Combined with large rotary table and laser welding machine system, larger workpiece on-line welding can be achieved.

4. The mini laser welder system adopts the midline welding process and realizes the welding of the whole graphic through the rotation of the rotating disk so as to overcome the defect that the galvanometer laser welding spot is easy to be deformed at the edge angle and improves the quality of the welding.

Mini laser welding machine can not be judged simply according to its weight.

In people's traditional ideas, the quality of automobiles, electronic goods and most mechanical equipment is better as the weight is heavier. Is that true? Of course not. If the mechanical processing equipment is too heavy, it must be inconvenient to move them, and it is not conducive to manual operation.

Take laser welding machine as an example, laser welding machine is a kind of large equipment. During the operation, it is pretty terrible if mistakes are made when moving the machine because of the heavy weight of the machine. Hence, as for laser equipment, light weight is a good advantage. With light weight, the use occasion can be increasingly diverse and the operation can be more flexible.

Looking at the development of laser equipment today, except automation, intelligence and lightweight, miniaturization is also an important developing direction. So for laser equipment, we can not judge them simply according to their weight.
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