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YAG Laser Cutting Machine

YAG laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine, as a kind of laser optical system by using a YAG laser cutting equipment, machine tools, laser power supply and control system, cooling system, laser components and other related components, which is characterized by stable performance, high reliability, compact structure, stable operation, light output because of its convenience, low cost, high quality cutting favored customers in metal cutting and metal material processing technology, successfully replace the traditional wire cutting, plasma cutting, is currently on the market for a metal laser cutting equipment widely.

The excellent characteristics of YAG laser cutting machine are mainly decided by the core device laser, and this is also the core condition of his cutting towards the cutting edge of metal materials.

YAG laser: a solid-state laser developed by YAG laser in combination with market demand and industry characteristics. Therefore, YAG laser cutting machine is called solid laser cutting machine in the industry. The use of laser light as the laser source through the YAG crystal as the medium shock amplification generates the high-energy beam in the laser cavity, the optical transmission system through a series of gasification and melting to achieve the purpose of cutting. At present, YAG laser is widely used in metal sheet cutting and laser welding.

The laser characteristics of YAG: YAG laser is a laser emission source is mature, by the material limit, the power can do small power below 1000W, cutting is widely applied to the stainless steel, carbon steel, 6mm aluminum, iron and other metal materials. Most of the laser cutting machine manufacturers can completely produce YAG laser independently, which shows the maturity of the technology, and this is also the key factor that determines the high-cost performance and low price of the YAG laser cutting machine.

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