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Steel Plate High Speed Printing Machine

Steel plate high-speed printing machine is a widely used in a variety of steel plate on the rapid printing of industrial equipment.

Steel plate high-speed printing machine Features

  • During the conveyance of the steel plate, the factory mark is automatically printed on the steel plate
  • Free intermediate materials: such as transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high-temperature tape, thermal transfer equipment, etc.

Steel plate high-speed printing machine Specifications

Print content

English, numbers and special matches

Character size

Word high 50-60mm

Number of prints

4-8 optional

Steel plate high-speed printing machine Application

Can be printed on any material pictures: such as gold and silver copper and iron aluminum, crystal materials, slate, wood, glass, plastic, silicone, leather, textiles, clothing and so on., and Widely used in a variety of steel plate fast print mark.
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