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Metal Surface Laser Printer

1. general instructions of Metal Surface Laser Printer

  • The logo should be eye-catching, firm, clear handwriting, standard, and do not fade.
  • The mark shall include the supplier's name or supplier's trademark, standard number, brand, specifications, weight, and the tracking number from the steel to the smelting. For highly finished steel and steel strips, major performance indicators, grades, etc. can be added.
  • Mark can use jet printing, stamping, pasting labels, hanging tag and other methods. The supplier selects one or more methods according to the situation. Finished product logo information should be complete.

2 Steel plate marking of Metal Surface Laser Printer

  • Bare, non-binding steel plates shall be marked as one by one, and exposed, bundled, packaged steel plates shall be marked on the top of a sheet of steel, affixed with labels or hanging tags, etc..
  • Steel plates wrapped with protective packaging materials or various auxiliary packaging materials shall be affixed with labels or hanging tags outside the package.

The surface of printing and punching plate on a common type of arm frame machine, when in need of repair and maintenance, can be moved from the printer working position (usually roller above) moved to the maintenance position, easy maintenance and operation. The activation of spray printing Electromagnetic activation 9 x 7 dot matrix characters, can realize all combinations of alphanumeric characters and simple graphics printing. The spray printing method is plate edge movement jet printing. The spray printing principle is that the spray printing system uses a small amount of spray paint to spray with the air under the action of an electromagnetic paint spraying gun, and uses 9 spraying guns to form a spray gun set and spray the corresponding characters in the relative movement of the steel plate.

GEM offers full solutions of metal surface marking/printing for the steel mill production line, our laser marking machine can be manufactured according to the steel mill production line requirements, we also assembled our laser printer at your production lines.
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