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Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine is suitable for laser material processing, according to the working mode including Laser mold welding machine, Automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welder, Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine…

Laser welding is the local heating in a small region of materials using high-energy laser pulses; the internal diffusion of laser radiation energy transfer material oriented by heat, the material is melted after the formation of specific to achieve the purpose of welding molten pool.

Laser welding machine Working principle

Laser welding uses high energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in small areas. The energy of the laser radiation is guided by heat transfer to the interior of the material, and then the material is melted to form a specific molten pool. It is a new type of welding, mainly for welding thin materials, precision parts, can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, sealing welding, depth width ratio, weld width, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, welding seam smooth and beautiful, without treatment or only simple treatment, high welding quality, no pores, accurate control, small focal spot, high positioning accuracy, easy realization of automation.

Laser welding machine Main Species

According to the working mode can be divided into laser welding machine mold (manual laser welding equipment), automatic laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving jewelry, optical fiber laser welding machine, welding machine, hand-held mirror welding machines, laser welding equipment with special sensor welding, silicon steel sheet laser welding equipment, keyboard laser welding equipment.

Weldable graphics include dots, straight lines, circles, squares, or any plane graphics drawn by AUTOCAD software.

Laser welding machine Features

The laser welding machine has the high degree of automation and simple welding process. Non-contact method of operation can achieve clean, environmental protection requirements. The laser welding machine can improve the work efficiency, the appearance of the finished workpiece is beautiful, the welding seam is small, the welding depth is great, and the welding quality is high.

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