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Laser and Spare Parts

GEM LASER LIMITED has the large stock of laser and spare parts, for example:

1. Laser and Spare Parts: Acoustic optics Q switch

The acousto-optic Q switch is a functional element that acts as a controlled variable loss in the laser cavity. The laser pulse can be used to convert the continuous laser power output into laser pulse output with high peak power, Our company developed the sound and light Q switch
The use of patented technology, high-efficiency shutdown, the required drive power is small, reliable high.

2. Laser and Spare Parts: One-sided pumped solid laser-GEMEP10Q

  • One-sided pumped solid laser-GEMEP10Q Features
  • GEM LASER LIMITED. developed GEMEP10Q series single-side pumped solid-state lasers,
  • For laser marking, sculpture, diamond cutting, resistance fine-tuning and other uses. JMEP10Q series of laser
  • The instrument provides a high-efficiency TEMoo single mode laser, producing CW waves and Q-switched modulation. Control system/air
  • Cooling and cooling systems, communication ports are integrated into a compact chassis. USB or RS232 port, several
  • The maintenance-free JMEP10Q series of lasers can be integrated into the user's fully automated equipment.
Laser Products
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