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IRO LASER G2 weft feeder

We have introduced a new generation of rapier weft feeder LASER G2 that incorporates the latest research results. The newly designed mechanical sensor system and high-end permanent magnet motor drive technology provide perfect speed control and remarkable low power consumption.

Simple operation greatly facilitates your operation and use. The new “brush circle quick release system” and simple and convenient “tension precise adjustment device” are standard.

* Mechanical sensor
* More perfect speed control
* No sensor adjustment
* Compact structure
* Low power permanent magnet motor
* quick release structure
* Optional brush ring, flexible tensioner and foil tensioner

Technical specifications
Maximum speed: 1400m / min
Branch range: 120Nm-2Nm 20dtex-3500dtex
The maximum yarn separation: 2.2mm
Sensor Type: Machinery
Size: 190mm * 305mm * 150mm
Weight: 4.9kg

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