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Hot Rolling Cross Cutting Punch Marking Machine

Hot rolling cross cutting punch marking machine Features

GEMHJ Aimed at the world's advanced technology, independent development of large-scale integrated marking equipment, become the only country with the developed countries. Peer competition on the same stage of the enterprise, the system has a number of large iron and steel enterprises in Germany and other successful countries to replace the equipment.

The model is designed for 2250 hot-rolled cross-cutting line design, which is characterized in the cross-tangent steel plate during the system will automatically detect. Pipeline speed and control the print head to automatically follow the steel plate, while the rapid printing of the required content, marked as a permanent mark.

Hot rolling cross cutting punch marking machine  Specifications

Print content

English, numbers and special characters

Character size

Word high 10.5mm、Word width 7mm

Print depth


Print Time

4-6 second

Auxiliary time

2-4 second

Number of Needles

18 The needle is printed at the same time

Hot rolling cross cutting punch marking machine Application

Widely used in a variety of steel plate fast print mark.
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