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Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine GEM-QX-100

handheld laser cleannig machine
GEM-LASER Launched a new generation of laser non-contact cleaning of high-tech products, do not hurt the parts matrix, no supplies, energy saving, efficient removal of the surface resin, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint, to meet the complex field of industrial processing Modeling, fine positioning cleaning requirements, to achieve a cleaner cleaning effect, the overall cost of lower production efficiency.
Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, machining, electronic processing, relics repair, mold industry, shipbuilding, food processing, petrochemical and other industries.

Traditional industrial cleaning

Traditional industrial cleaning
  • Mechanical friction cleaning method, high cleanliness, but easy to damage the substrate.
  • Chemical corrosion cleaning method, belonging to stress-free cleaning, but heavy pollution.
  • Liquid solid jet cleaning method with higher flexibility, but the higher the cost, more complex waste disposal.
  • High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning method good cleaning effect, but the cleaning size is limited and the workpiece after cleaning dry.


01 high beam quality, stable performance
02 hand-held laser cleaning head, easy and easy to use, lightweight can be used for long hours of work
03 integrated design, compact structure easy to install, power can run
04 A wide range of material applicability, flexible and efficient application to a variety of industrial processing scenarios
05 low on the working environment, the system is stable and maintenance-free, long service life
06 non-contact processing, no supplies, no damage, no pollution

Laser cleaning technology came into being as a green and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Compared with the traditional industrial cleaning, the laser cleaning technology has the following advantages and becomes an emerging laser cleaning technology which has attracted the attention of the automobile manufacturing, electronic processing, mold industry, petrochemical industry and other industries :






The working mode

randomly polarized

Center wavelength

1060 ~ 1070(nm)

Output average power

100 ± 5(w)

Repeat frequency

20 ~ 200(khz)

Light pulse width

140 ± 10(ns)

Beam quality


Maximum pulse energy


Power adjustment range

10 ~ 100(%)

Power consumption


Laser/Isolator  cooling


Red power


Working voltage



586 * 482.6 * 142.5(mm)

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