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GEMYY-300i Automatic Pneumatic Label Marking Machine

GEMYY-300i type automatic pneumatic label marking machine is a kind of machine designed and developed on the basis of mature technology of pneumatic mark machine in our company. It has a high starting point, high technical content and complete function. The character of the stamp is good, the figure is beautiful and the average trouble free time is three years.

Automatic pneumatic label marking machine-GEMYY-300i Features

  • The character of the marking is good, and the figure is beautiful and.
  • long service life, long service life for 38 months.
  • Powerful software extensions to networking and Intranet, direct production scheduling management; and other computer network communication, accept the output instructions, print-related data; also with electronic scales connected, print weight data directly in the sign.
  • The imprint mechanism adopts brushless linear motor, which has small size, low noise and big starting torque.

Automatic pneumatic label marking machine-GEMYY-300i Specifications



Label Size


Marking scope


Marking speed

3 characters per second

Marking content

English letters, numbers and symbols

Character size


Marking depth


Power consumption of whole machine


Feed & discharge


Air requirement


Automatic pneumatic label marking machine-GEMYY-300i Applications

The label marking machine is used to automatically print letters, numbers, and symbols on plates such as aluminum, tin, copper, stainless steel, plastic and other materials. It is widely used in the steel wire industry, such as the construction of thread steel, and the automatic imprint after weighing.

Samples of GEMYY-300i Automatic Pneumatic Label Marking Machine

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