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GEMQG-F350D Automatic Micro SD Card Laser Cutting Equipment

Automatic Micro SD Card Laser Cutting Equipment Overview

This type of equipment could be applied to Micro SD card fingerprint module PCB, QFN, BGA and other microelectronic industries.

Automatic Micro SD Card Laser Cutting Equipment overview
Applications Scope

1.Beautiful appearance, stable performance, low Marble system power consumption.
2.Compact structure, easy operation, good HMI.
3.High precision processing platforms, accurate positioning, fast speed.
4.The equipment has galvanometer calibration system, so that it can automatically calibrate according to the settings.
5.High precision CCD, automatic positioning, automatic calibration.
6.high-performance lasers, high precision, long service life.
7.Good beam quality, can be adapted to different cutting needs.
8.Fast cutting speed, high efficiency.
9.Special jig platform and particle absorber.
10.Control software is simple and easy to understand. operator can quickly mastery the method.

Main Components of Automatic Micro SD Card Laser Cutting Machine

1.Marble system.
2.Linear motor movement system.
3.Laser cutting system.
4.high-precision CCD vision system.
5.Cooling system.
6.Automatic loading and unloading system.
7.Automatic rail transferring system.
8.PC+ PLC control system.
9.Laser protection system.
10.Particle absorber.

Automatic Micro SD Card Laser Cutting Equipment Technical Parameters


GEMQG-F350DAutomatic Micro SD Card Laser Cutting Equipment



Laser Output Power

≥35W According to the needs

Pulse repetition frequency


Cutting amplitude

75mm x 200mm

Cutting Speed

Approximately 5000mm UPH(units per hour)

Cutting Accuracy


Min Cutting Width


Repetition Accuracy


Positioning speed

2 m/s

Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity

40%-70% relative humidity

Power requirements

According to the needs AC220V 50HZ, <30A

Power consumption






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