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GEMQD-760J Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine

Portable Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-760J  is a computer-controlled print needle in the X, Y two-dimensional plane according to a certain track movement at the same time, the print needle in the role of compressed air to do high-frequency impact movement, so that the workpiece prints a certain depth of the mark.

Portable Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-760J Features

1. In the mark can be shallow or shallow, whether it is graphics, text, product serial number, trademark, etc., after marking a permanent logo, in general, marking the workpiece less than 1600 or so (10 5mm high characters Calculation), you can choose pneumatic marking machine, if the volume is large, to be selected laser marking machine or electric corrosion marking machine
2. A variety of heavy-duty workpiece marking, the need for regular off-site marking, pneumatic marking machine is preferred, and affordable can be equipped with the notebook computer, easy to carry.
3. Pneumatic marking can also be easily integrated into the industrial production line, our marking head is designed to be small, strong, easy to install. From plastic to hardest steel (max.65HRC), they can be in all the material at very high-speed point needle marking. Its controller can automatically increase the serial number, date, workgroup and mark icon, OCV font or two-dimensional identification code DataMatrix

Portable Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-760J  Specifications



Marking format




Marking speed

Print 3mm high English or digital speed of2-3 / s

Marking depth

0.05-2mm((Depending on the material)

Marking content

English, digital, and punctuation can be edited by computer to download and print Chinese

Marking method

Flat Marking You can edit the marking content as required.

Total power

220V±10%/50Hz≤ 500W

Use the environment

0.3-0.6Mpa Dry clean air

Portable Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-760J  Applications

1. cars, motorcycles and other engines, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts for the number, name, trademark, date of production printing;
2. electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other stamps printed;
3. all kinds of goods, vehicles, equipment, product signs printing;
4. all kinds of mechanical parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipes, gears, pumps, valves, fasteners, steel, instrumentation. , Mechanical and electrical equipment such as metal marking; plastic system

Laser Marked Sample

GEMQD-760J Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine

electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other stamps printed
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