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GEMQD-360i Desktop Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine

GEMQD-360i comes with a strong rotary fixture that has the ability to clamp products with a diameter of up to 250mm.
It has a Z-axis control and high stepper power, leading to increased flexibility and power to mark a wide variety of large circular parts such as flanges, tubes, fittings, pipes etc.

Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-360i Features

1. Pneumatic marking machine is automatically incremented and the value optional.
2. The software can be auto-updated with adjustment and trace.
3. The hardware circuit provides anti-interference design and has a strong adaptability to the working environment. In particular, the integrated control panel uses PC hard disk type box packaging, greatly improved the three prevention (dust, oil pollution, metal dust resistance) level, shielding good, easy to install, more stable and durable equipment.
4. The control box adopts a simplified panel, and the operation is simpler.
5. It can mark different characters same time with the rotary angles.

Pneumatic marking machine- GEMQD-360i Specifications



MarkingArea 1


MarkingArea 2


MarkingArea 3



0.1-2mm(Depending on the material)

Marking Speed



Have or No electromagnetic adsorption

Power Consumption ofWholeMachine


Air Pressure Request


Pneumatic marking machine- GEMQD-360i Applications

Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine mainly used for marking logos, characters, serials numbers and VIN codes on bodywork of motorcycles, nameplates, connecting rods, engines, mechanical parts, machine tools, metal pipe, gear, pump, valve, fastening pieces, cylinder and various hardware, and It's applicable for the fields of automobile motorcycle parts, mechanism, petroleum, aeronautical and space,electric apparatus, steel, metal, non-metal and hard plastic materials.
Laser Marked Sample
GEMQD-360i Desktop Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine
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