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GEMQD-035i Rocker Arm Pneumatic Marking Machine

GEMQD-035i pneumatic marking machine, industrial touch system integration of the integrated design, aluminum body, small size, beautiful appearance. It is through the computer to control the print needle in accordance with the computer to edit the characters or graphics trajectory movement, while high-pressure gas high-frequency impact printing needle, so that the workpiece surface engraved by the dense lattice composed of characters or graphics. The whole marking process is completely controlled by the computer, it is a new permanent identification technology, with mark the standard, beautiful, change the value of convenience, the use of flexible, applicability and so on.

Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-035i Features

1. Working table is precision die casting,
2.128 sub-drive,
3. Imported straight line guide rail,
4. High-precision stepping motor,
5. Adopt the imported tungsten alloy print pin, stable and long life,
6. Advanced USB interface control technology,
7. High-performance industrial motherboard, the needlework automatically,
8. Effective anti-jamming, radiation-resistant, adaptable for harsh environment,
9. Rigid column, high accuracy, Low running costs and virtually no consumable costs,
Since the marking head is hung on the rocker arm of the column, with the equalizer, the head is almost weightless, it can be positioned and marking within the range of the rocker arm's rotation.

Pneumatic marking machine- GEMQD-035i Specifications



MarkingArea 1


MarkingArea 2


MarkingArea 3



0.1-2mm(Depending on the material)

Marking Speed



Have or No electromagnetic adsorption

Power Consumption ofWholeMachine


Air Pressure Request


Pneumatic marking machine- GEMQD-035i Applications

1. for cars, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles and other industries signs and parts marking
2. used in a variety of mechanical parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipes, pumps, valves, fasteners, steel, instrumentation and other metal materials marking.
3. for plastic products, circuit boards, leather products or a variety of nameplate marking.

Laser Marked Sample
GEMQD-035i Rocker Arm Pneumatic Marking Machine

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