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GEMQD-013i Marking Head Rotation Pneumatic Marking Machine

GEMQD-013i series pin marking machinery is high technology products from GEM Laser Company, which integrate computer, automatic control, and precise machinery. It is an industrial marking equipment which can make a logo (characters, letters, VIN code, serial numbers, date, and graph) on the workpiece (metal or no-metal materials) permanently.

Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-013i Features

Applying the most widely used up-down lifting structure to realize multi-functions.
Controlled by computer, with the easy-to-operate WINDOWS system, GEM Laser's professional marking software has a wide application and can operate under WINDOWS 98/2000/XP.
Powerful edit function. It can mark any logo (character, letter, and graph, data code, series number, VIN code, engine numbers) automatically.
It can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from AutoCAD, CorelDraw.
It can support multi-kinds font: MG Font, SHX Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, and TTF in Windows.
Marking contents could be saved automatically and not be destroyed during power-off of the machine.
It can be used online to share the database and data transmission with other equipment, such as a match with electronic scales, barcode machinery, leak detectors and other equipment.
With new cylinder and needle vibration control method, marking speed is 1-2 times higher than the original 100 type.
The mark can be printed on the round cylindrical workpiece by the rotation of the marking head.

Working principle:

The computer controls the pin to move in the X-Y plane and mark the logo on the target location of the workpiece.

Pneumatic marking machine- GEMQD-013i Specifications





Steel PipeDiameterRange


Steel Pipe WeightRange



0.1-2mm(Depending on the material)

Marking Speed




Power Consumption ofWholeMachine


Air Pressure Request


Pneumatic marking machine- GEMQD-013i Applications

GEMQD-013i marking machine is applicable for the fields of automobile, motorcycle, mechanism, aeronautical and space, electric apparatus and suitable for all kinds of metal and hard plastic marking on steel, such as stainless steel marking, mild steel plate marking, iron marking, aluminum marking, copper marking, brass marking, anodized and coated materials marking, hard plastic material marking, etc.
Mainly used in petrochemical, automotive, mechanical engineering industries.

Laser Marked Sample
GEMQD-013i Marking Head Rotation Pneumatic Marking Machine
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