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GEMQD-001i Standard Cabinet Pneumatic Marking Machine

GEMQD-001i pneumatic marking machine is a high performance marking machine manufactured by GEM company. It belongs to the desktop marking machine and is composed of a computer, controller, and printing mechanism.
A special software for pneumatic marking is installed on the computer. The software creates the marking content, edits the font size and position, and then marking the content on the surface of the workpiece.
GEMQD-001i adopts modular design, the main components are independently controlled, the use of high-quality power supply provided a constant current output.

Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-001i Features

1. The two-dimensional table base is made of high-quality aluminum alloy mold, which is integrally molded and replaced by assembling separately.
2. Two-dimensional table with dual rail, with self-lubricating seal dust-proof linear bearings, marking high precision, more stable.
3. The control system adopts ARM 32-bit signal processing chip, which is faster and more accurate.
4. The lifting column is made of high-quality aluminum alloy mold, and the overall shape of the equipment is beautiful.
5. With new cylinder and needle vibration control method, marking speed is faster.
6. The hardware circuit provides anti-interference design and has a strong adaptability to the working environment. In particular, the integrated control panel uses PC hard disk type box packaging, greatly improved the three prevention (dust, oil pollution, metal dust resistance) level, shielding good, easy to install, more stable and durable equipment.
7. Lifting column adopts double guide bar structure, firm, stable and high precision.
8. The control box adopts a simplified panel, and the operation is simpler.
9. We have passed the ISO9000 quality certification system, with modern equipment production lines, accessories are purchased from the regular manufacturers, to ensure the quality of products.

The control cabinet of the machine is totally enclosed, so the machine can work fine in the oil contamination、dusty and any other complex industrial fieldwork, user-friendly, good stability, easy to operate and maintain, it widely satisfies the customers' individualized demands and requests. The machine has the functions of failure warning, networking to achieve the collection and management of data, and backup with multi 1/ 0 ports to complete the complex control.

Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-001i Specifications



MarkingArea 1


MarkingArea 2


MarkingArea 3



0.1-2mm(Depending on the material)

Marking Speed




Power consumption ofWholeMachine


Air Pressure Request


Pneumatic marking machine-GEMQD-001i Applications

The marking can be printed on the parts of various materials or the factory signs, besides the product model these include production date, serial number or various trademark patterns, etc.

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