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GEMJB-Z80 YAG Depth Laser Marking Machine

GEMJB-Z80 type laser marking machine is our company to do a lot of improvement in the original design of laser products on the basis of a new generation of advanced laser marking machine upgrade, depth marking especially suitable for bearing and metal parts, the performance index of the best level in domestic similar products.
The condenser chamber is stable and efficient, better beam quality, laser power, high peak power, the pulse width is smaller, more concentrated energy; energy can be regulated continuously by the current, software control, carving deep <2.0mm; targeted industry.

YAG depth laser marking machine GEMJB-Z80 Feature

  • Using new laser design, the laser power is stable, the output is 80W, and the beam quality is good.
  • Adopt new vibration mirror design, increase the scanning angle of the galvanometer, make the mirror work more safe and reliable, easy to install and debug, good heat dissipation.
  • The new light seat design is adopted to make the laser mount solid and improve the stability of the laser for a long time.
  • The electro-optic conversion rate of the laser at low current is improved.
  • Improve the cooling system; effectively stabilize the laser output power.
  • User-friendly software control system, more convenient and efficient operation.

YAG depth laser marking machine GEMJB-Z80 Specification



Maximum laser output power


Laser wavelength


Marking format


Marking line width


Marking depth


Marking speed


Power demand


Cooling requirements

air cooling

Overall size


YAG depth laser marking machine GEMJB-Z80 Application

  • Auto parts: piston, piston ring, gear, axletree, shafting, clutch, auto lamp, etc.
  • Electronic Components: resistance, capacitance, chip printed-circuit board, keyboard, etc.
  • Meter and instrument: panel, nicety instrument, etc.
  • Hardware tools: knife, tool, measure etc.

Sample of GEMJB-Z80 YAG Depth Laser Marking Machine

Sample of GEMJB-Z80 YAG Depth Laser Marking Machine
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