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GEMJB-F10A Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The online laser marking machine is mainly used for all kinds of products in the surface or the outer package surface online inkjet marking, Compared with traditional static objects laser marking, online laser marking machine marks In the inkjet marking process, the products is flying in the production line, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of the laser machine to adapt to the requirements of industrial production
All of the application range of the light covering the ink-jet printer, the laser marking machine is no longer the product date and the number of simple tagging, due to its unique effect with visual and tactile features and never rub, so it also has the characteristics of strong anti-forgery,

10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10A Features

High marking speed
The power is controlled by software and is continuously adjustable
The engraving cannot be wiped permanently
Anti-fake digital automatic generation
No consumables, no wearing parts, no maintenance, low running cost
Perfect realization of online dynamic and static marking, suitable for different production lines

10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10A Specifications;

Model No.

GEMJB-F10A  onlinelaser marking machine

Power of Laser output

10W online laser marking machine

Laser wavelength


Repeating frequency


Carving range

Standard:110mm×110mm option: 175mmX175mm/260mmX260mm

Carving line speed


Minimum line width


Repeating precision


Power supply


Power consumption


Cooling method

Inbuilt air cooling

Control interface

Standard USB

File format

All fonts/characters in characters library of WINDOWS

Optical path system size


10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10A Applications;

Metal or non-metallic materials can be marked. Applied to the online electronic components, auto parts, metal instruments, watches, tobacco packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, rubber products, shell nameplate, craft gift industry production line marking.
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