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GEMJB-F10 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10 is a new generation of laser marking system developed by our company using the most advanced laser technology in the world today;
Mainly used in all metal and some non-metallic material surface engraving;
This equipment uses the fiber laser to output the laser, and then realizes the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system;
The electro-optic conversion rate of optical fiber laser marking machine is higher than 70%. Compared with the semiconductor laser marking machine, it has higher beam quality, the whole machine is free of maintenance for 100 thousand hours, the efficiency is high and the use cost is low!

10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10 Features

1. The beam quality is good, suitable for more fine marking.
2. Compared with the pump laser marking machine and the semiconductor laser marking machine, the utility model has the advantages of no water cooling, no wearing parts, and low running cost.
3. small size, easy installation.
4. maintenance free and high reliability.
5.the control cabinet and frame are made of aluminum alloy profiles. The control panel and the industrial computer are integrated into one body, and the utility model is beautiful and high-grade.
6. The marking workpiece needs no clamping and positioning, so it is convenient to load and drop materials.
7, marking software has been issued by the State Copyright Administration of computer software copyright registration certificate. Strong function, easy to operate and easy to use.

10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10 Specifications;

Model No.

GEMJB-F10   laser marking machine

Power of Laser output

10W   laser marking machine

Laser wavelength


Repeating frequency


Light beam quality


Carving range


Carving depth


Carving line speed


Minimum line width


Repeating precision


Power supply


Power consumption


Operating system


Cooling method

Inbuilt air cooling

Control interface

Standard USB

File format

All fonts/characters in characters library of WINDOWS

Overall dimension


10W Fiber laser Machine GEMJB-F10 Applications;

It is suitable to print more precise mark on the parts of various materials. The marking content can be the product model, production date, serial number or various trademark patterns, bar codes and two-dimensional codes, etc..
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