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GEMJB-EP10 DPSS End YAG Laser Marking Machine

Diode end pump laser marking technology is advanced, the electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, the beam quality is good, suitable for all kinds of metals and a variety of non-metallic materials marking. GEMJB-EP10 type Diode-end-pumped laser marking machine has a good light mode and low power consumption and is especially suitable for occasions with fine and high precision requirements.

DPSS end YAG laser marking machine GEMJB-EP10 Feature

  • The output laser spot is smaller, more suitable for some finer graphics and text markers;
  • The beam quality is good, the output laser stability is high, the masking effect is easy to debug;
  • Laser frequency is higher, more suitable for marking some non-metallic materials, marking faster;
  • The utility model has the advantages of stable performance, small size, and low power consumption;
  • Integrated structure design, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance;
  • JMJB-EP10 at the same time in the design of the unique concept has applied for the domestic structure, light path design, cooling system three patents, technology at home in a leading position. Its technical characteristics are mainly embodied in;
  • The system adopts integrated design and standardized interface so that the connection is convenient and the installation is simple;
  • The whole machine is hermetically sealed so that it is safe to use and easy to maintain;
  • The light path can move up and down as a whole, and the work panel can be optionally assembled and disassembled to increase the flexibility of operation;
  • Electronic control, easy to operate, and provide a number of protection functions, improve the safety and reliability of the system;
  • The whole system is controlled by computer and can input any graphic text. The depth of laser engraving and the thickness of lines can be adjusted freely according to different needs.

DPSS end YAG laser marking machine GEMJB-EP10 Specification



Maximum laser output power


Laser wavelength


Marking format

110mmx110mm /175mmx175mm

Marking line width


Marking depth


Marking speed


Power demand


Cooling requirements

air cooling

Overall size


DPSS end YAG laser marking machine GEMJB-EP10 Application

It is suitable to print more precise mark on the parts of various materials. The marking content can be the product model, production date, serial number or various trademark patterns, bar codes and two-dimensional codes, etc.
Electronic components, IC chips, panel, measure, button, hardware, dial, hard alloy materials, etc.

Sample of GEMJB-EP10 DPSS End YAG Laser Marking Machine

Sample of GEMJB-EP10 DPSS End YAG Laser Marking Machine
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