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GEMJB-D80 DPSS Side YAG Laser Marking Machine

DPSS side YAG laser Marking machine GEMJB-D80 is based on the experience of GEM laser years of research and development and innovation, the superior performance of diode-pumped laser marking machine is developed. Core components are imported, to ensure the long-term stable work of the whole machine.

Diode side-pump Laser Marker has an advanced technology, electro-optical conversion efficiency, beam performance with high-speed marking, General purpose model, highly efficient in laser marking. Suitable for marking metal surfaces and many non-metal materials. Such as iron, stainless steel, hominess alloy, chinaware, synthesize material, rubber etc. GEMJB-D50, GEMJB -D80, The machine has all functions of standard laser marker, additionally, it can mark on the column-shaped workpiece.

DPSS side YAG laser Marking machine GEMJB-D80 Feature

  • Adopt the integral molding precision casting light seat, the optical device has good coaxially, easy installation and debugging, and easy to maintain.
  • Adopt laser and optical system full sealing technology. On the basis of the shield of the light path system, the whole optical path is sealed up with PVC plastic corrugated pipe, thus further enhancing the dust protection level and ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.
  • Adopt double red light focusing technique. Laser focus is more convenient, operation more humane.
  • The energy efficiency of light pumping laser marking machine is higher, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced. Good beam quality, no wearing parts, the use of maintenance free.
  • The control cabinet frame all adopts the steel plate bending technology, the overall shape, beautiful and high-grade, durable. The control panel is lined with rubber sealing rings, which can effectively prevent dust, oil and other pollutants from erosion.
  • The cooling system is equipped with deionization device, and it is equipped with imported high-quality hoses to ensure that the heating elements such as laser have a clean and constant temperature working environment so that the whole machine is in good running condition for a long time.
  • Marking software has been issued by the State Copyright Administration of computer software copyright registration certificate. The utility model has the advantages of strong function, good compatibility and convenient operation and use. Users enjoy marking software's lifetime free upgrade service.

DPSS side YAG laser Marking machine GEMJB-D80 Specification



Max Laser output power


Laser wavelength


Marking scope

110mmx110mm /175mmx175mm

Marking width


Marking depth


Marking speed


Power supply


Cooling system

air cooling

Control system


Optical system


Cooling system


DPSS side YAG laser Marking machine GEMJB-D80 Application

Can mark a variety of metal and a variety of non-metallic materials. Suitable for more demanding, more accurate processing needs. Widely used in electronic components, mobile phones, watches and clocks, glasses, auto parts, plastic buttons, hardware, tableware, hardware tools, instrumentation, sanitary ware, medical equipment, handicrafts, PVC pipe, household appliances, signs and packaging industries.

Sample of DPSS side YAG laser Marking machine GEMJB-D80
Sample of DPSS side YAG laser Marking machine GEMJB-D80
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