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GEMJB-C30 CO2 Non-Metal Laser Marking Machine

The latest version of V3.0 JMTAG tag software using WINDOWS interface, powerful function, good compatibility, can be directly retrieved from the DWG and DXF format ACAD2000 graphics, extended standby interface function, with some supporting the use of pipeline operations, the software has a data communication network to save printing function, not only can be stored in the marking contents in the database, can also be other data in the database. Marking;

CO2 non-metal laser marking machine GEMJB-C30 Feature

  • The marking workpiece needs no clamping and positioning, so it is convenient to load and drop materials;
  • Sealed off CO2 laser marking machine has comparatively large power and high energy conversion efficiency, the output beam of the high optical quality, small divergence angle, good coherence, uniform discharge, power stability is good; the life of laser tube for more than twenty thousand hours, because this also requires little maintenance and regular maintenance;
  • No pollution to the material, no deformation;
  • Marking work when there is no noise, the print content can be reserved disk, can automatically print serial number; mature technology, reliable performance, high repeatability, high precision, long continuous working time, speed express.

CO2 non-metal laser marking machine GEMJB-C30 Specification



Maximum laser output power


Laser wavelength


Marking format


Marking line width


Marking depth


Marking speed


Power demand


Cooling requirements

air cooling

Overall size


CO2 non-metal laser marking machine GEMJB-C30 Application

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is a kind of non-marking, metal processing equipment, widely used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, plastic plates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries. The product has a wide range of functions, versatility and easy operation. The utility model has the protection function of under voltage, over temperature and overflow.

Sample of GEMJB-C30 CO2 Non-Metal Laser Marking Machine

Sample of GEMJB-C30 CO2 Non-Metal Laser Marking Machine

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