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GEM-L9060 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine For Wine Bottle

Laser engraving machine for a variety of materials, carving and cutting, carving effect is good, carving depth of independent adjustment, cutting edge smooth and no burr, no secondary grinding processing. The equipment from the software design, mechanical structure, electrical system to the accessories selection, has always been to customer demand for the purpose, to meet the diverse needs of different customers, processing speed, high precision, low waste, high efficiency, The best choice for replacement. According to the different processing, materials can be configured with the different work surface, thick material engraving can be equipped with a lifting platform, the rotator can achieve arc-shaped surface processing.

GEM-L9060 Bottle laser engraving machine Features:

1.900 × 600mm engraving format, single head / double at any time increase or decrease, independent lift platform can be expanded to buy.
2. Imported linear slide system, three-phase stepper motor, 32-bit DSP chip controller, to enhance the overall performance.
3. Imported ZnSeCVD focusing lens, focusing performance, high transmittance, life is 3 times the ordinary domestic.
4. Typically used in clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, electronic appliances, models, handicrafts manufacturing, advertising decoration, construction and decoration, packaging and printing, paper products, and other industries.

GEM-L9060 Bottle laser engraving machine Specifications:



Laser type

Domestic sealed off CO2 laser tube

Laser power


Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Processing depth

power 80W≦15(Acrylic as an example)

positioning accuracy


Maximum scanning accuracy


The smallest line of text

Chinese character:2×2mm, English:1×1mm

Laser energy control

Lifting platform, push-pull tooling platform work independently of the suction-type honeycomb platform three optional

Support for graphics formats


Power supply


Engraving table

Cellular or tooling platform

Separate output

stand by

working environment

temperature:0-45℃ humidity:5-95℃



Total power

Single head:≦900W | Double head:≦1250W

GEM-L9060 Bottle laser engraving machine Applications:

The advertising industry, Advertising industry, decoration and decoration industry, craft gift industry, electronic appliances, advertising, logo signs, crystal jewelry, paper cutting process, bamboo technology, packaging and printing, clothing leather, thorn rust, frame production and other industries.

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