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GEM-L6040 Small CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

High performance, beyond the expectations of the new 6040 laser cutting machine, cutting-edge technology, and computer control, precision machinery, DSP digital control technology, USB data transmission and other high-tech combination of the development of the laser power using the integrated design of the framework, Stable and reliable work. The latest software support and AutoCAD, CORELDRAW CAD, CAM and a variety of graphics processing software seamless docking, direct original output. Use USB port data interface, support hot-swappable, data transmission instantly complete the task, carving does not take up computer resources, greatly improve user productivity. Chinese and English LCD display, the operation more convenient.

Products with a new concept of T series transmission components, rail system, shaft movement components, mechanical components more scientific and reasonable, high-speed performance is more leading, the perfect speed to enhance 30%, greater efficiency. Stability, accuracy, speed of the three indicators can reflect the world-class high-end equipment standards.

GEM-L6040T-Small laser engraving machine Specifications:

model 6040


Laser type

Domestic sealed off CO2 laser tube

Laser power


Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Processing depth

power 60W≦15(Acrylic as an example)

positioning accuracy


Maximum scanning accuracy


The smallest line of text

Chinese character:2×2mm, English:1×1mm

Laser energy control

Laser energy and motion control match

Support for graphic formats


Power supply


Engraving table

Cellular or tooling platform

Separate output

stand by

working environment

temperature:0-45℃ humidity:5-95℃



Total power


GEM-L6040T-Small laser engraving machine Features:

1. compact design, modern, easy to operate.
2. more scientific body design, higher strength steel frame structure, so that the overall strength of the fuselage increased by 40% or more.
3. transparent tempered glass cover design nice, easy to observe
4. independent laser tube box design, replacement, maintenance more convenient.
5. stainless steel hollow table, rust-free maintenance.
6. accurate positioning system, making processing positioning more simple and clear.
7. the beam is more stable new high-efficiency laser tube, the 40W-90W life of up to 4000-10000 hours!
8. advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip, with continuous, fast curve cutting, and the shortest path selection function; greatly improve your work efficiency.
9. configuration U disk offline control system, the operation more convenient and fast. 1.600 × 400mm small laser engraving format, set the computer, electronics, precision machinery technology in one.
10. imported linear slide system, three-phase stepper motor, 32-bit DSP chip controller, to enhance the overall performance.
11. imported ZnSeCVD focusing lens, focusing performance, high transmittance, life is 3 times the ordinary domestic.
12. independent research and development LaserCAD laser engraving machine software, powerful, perfect solution to a variety of mapping problems.

GEM-L6040T-Small laser engraving machine Applications:

Applicable materials: sculpture and cutting of non-metallic materials such as color plates, acrylic, MDF, bamboo board, wood, paper, fabric, leather, marble, glass, bones, shells and so on.
Application industry: advertising industry, handicrafts, decoration, model industry (building model, sand table), packaging industry (printing plate, packaging carving) and other industries.

Laser Marked Sample of GEM-L6040 Small CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Marked Sample of GEM-L6040 Small CO2 Laser Engraving Machine
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