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GEM-L1812 Double Head CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

1. Square linear guide, double row bead slider, smooth cutting, high precision;
2. Scientific design of all steel frame structure, to avoid all external forces, for high speed, high precision operation value insured escort;
3. Equipped with long life catalytic type laser tube, ZnSe CVD focus mirror, save supplies, ensure laser quality;
4.Push and pull platform design, optional blade and honeycomb two platforms, convenient

Double head co2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1812 Overview
GEM-L1812T2 double head laser engraving cutting machine is our company T series equipment for large, high-speed requirements of leather fabrics and paper products industry drilling, engraving, batch processing, user development and design of a product. Two sets of the laser system and laser head work at the same time, the user production, processing efficiency doubled. Products using a new T series transmission components, rail guidance system, shaft movement components, mechanical components, more scientific and reasonable, high-speed performance more lead, speed is perfect, improve 30%, and improve work efficiency. Stability, accuracy, speed, three indicators can reflect world-class standards of high-end equipment. Typically used in high-speed cutting line requirements of cloth, leather, paper products, and other processing industries. Its high-speed cutting performance, humanized design concept, and perfect use function are the first choice of middle and high-end customers

Double head co2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1812 Specifications



Laser Type

GEM sealed CO2 laser tube

Laser Power

Laser power standard 80W (optional 100W/130W/150W)

Processing area

single head: 900 x 1200mm | double: 1800 * 1200mm

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Processing depth

Power80W≦ 15 (acrylic case)

positioning accuracy


Maximum scanning accuracy


Minimum row text characters


Laser energy control

control software,control and manual control dual mode

Support graphics formats


Power supply


Engraving platform

push-pull type interchangeable platform, three options (grid platform, honeycomb platform, knife platform

Split output support


Working environment temperature

0-45 DEG C, humidity: 5-95 DEG C

Outline size


Overall power


Remarks: the double head model is two laser heads. At the same time, two identical patterns can be processed. The spacing can be adjusted manually, and the double head machine can be light than a laser head. It can be adjusted to a single head and can be used to design the maximum width of the pattern. MT-L18120 double head adjustment for single head work, the biggest processing format is: 1800 * 1200mm, double head work at the same time, each laser head is equal to the biggest processing width: 900 * 1200mm

Double head co2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1812 Features:

The most advanced 32bit high-speed DSP controller is adopted in the world, and the performance is greatly improved. The stable S type acceleration and deceleration control system is designed with high speed and smooth operation.
With full digital three-phase stepper motor driver and motor, the balance of dynamic torque greatly exceeds the two-phase stepping system widely used in the industry.
USB2.0 high-speed interface for data transmission, support computer output and U disk import in two ways.
Software new upgrade, more perfect functions. Fully support windows7.
Support blackout glyph. The work is unexpectedly power-off, and can continue to work after restarting.
The complete laser tube is fully upgraded and all the laser tubes with long life catalysis are adopted. Thin spot, long service life, reduce the cost of customer use supplies. High performance 80W laser tube, engraving and cutting performance.
Single head and double head models are optional. Change any time. Adjust the distance between two laser heads conveniently and quickly.
The front and rear feeding design is convenient for feeding. Manual feeding rack can be selected.

Double head co2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1812 Applications:

Clothing industry, shoes processing industry, bags processing, plush toy processing, cloth toys processing, leather, fur, warp knitting industry, packaging technology, etc.. The typical application of cutting cut pieces of clothing material, leather engraving, cutting, special-shaped trademark quote embroidered cloth cutting, leather garments, denim garment processing round face accessories and sculpture.
The fabric (silk fabrics, cotton cloth, decorative cloth, polyester fabric, non-woven fabric, chemical fiber cloth, medical cloth, pure hemp cloth, waterproof cloth, Jeans), leather (leather, artificial leather, decorative leather, packaging, leather, soft leather), acrylic, wood, paper. Nonmetallic materials such as film and rubber products.

Laser Engraving Sample

Laser Engraving Sample
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