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GEM-L1610 Double Optical High-Speed CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

1. Linear guide rail, precision synchronous belt drive, smooth operation of the machine
2. Unique deceleration design, cutting-edge smooth, no sawtooth
3. Adopt three-phase motor, driver, cutting speed, high precision
4. The whole machine performance is stable, simple and easy to operate, and with professional software, you can achieve high quality and efficient processing for all industries.
5. Laser machine is mainly used for cutting plates, sponges, acrylics and other non-metallic materials

Double optical high-speed CO2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1610 Overview:

GEM-L1610T2 double head CO2 laser engraving cutting machine is to give full play to the movement control performance and enhance the laser processing effect, from software design, mechanical structure, electrical performance to the accessories selection, always stressed the purpose of processing site services, in a comprehensive quality management system factory environment Under the production operations, stability, accuracy and speed of the three indicators can reflect the world-class equipment standards. Excellence in the MT series of products, as the industrial site of the new means of operation - the best carrier of laser processing.

Double optical high-speed CO2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1610 Specifications:



Laser Type

GEM sealed CO2 laser tube

Laser Power

Laser power standard 80W (optional 100W/130W/150W)

Processing area

single head: 1600×1000mm | double:(800×1000mm)×2

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Processing depth

Power80W≦ 15 (acrylic case)

positioning accuracy


Maximum scanning accuracy


Minimum row text characters


Laser energy control

software control and manual control dual mode

Support graphics formats


Power supply


Engraving platform

push-pull type interchangeable platform, three options (grid platform, honeycomb platform, knife platform

Split output support


Working environment temperature

0-45 DEG C, humidity: 5-95 DEG C

Outline size


Overall power


Double optical high-speed CO2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1610 Features:

1. Marking the perfect effect can be marked on a very small surface of the user requirements of a variety of fine and complex patterns, has been known as the customer's "mark of the king"
2. Electro-optical conversion rate without high power coupling loss, saving operating costs, long life of the laser, its life in the
More than 100,000 hours, maintenance-free, no supplies, for you to save high after the maintenance costs.
3. Marking speed, high efficiency: at the same time significantly increase the processing capacity, speed up the user return on investment
4. For the assembly line: installed in the production line to use, convenient and efficient

Double optical high-speed CO2 laser engraving machine GEM-L1610 Applications:

Applicable to all kinds of metal materials on the pipeline and some non-metallic materials marking, carving.
1. Electronic and communications products, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories and electrical appliances;
2. All kinds of precision parts, automotive and mechanical parts, hardware tools, instrumentation, aerospace equipment;
3. Jewelry, watches, gifts, office supplies, trademark signs, sanitary ware;
4. Tableware, food, beverages and tobacco and other areas of graphics and text markings, and high-volume production line operations

Laser Engraving Sample

Laser Engraving Sample
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