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GEM-L1490 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

1. the use of integrated frame structure design, the machine running stable, no noise, no dust.
2. imported linear guide and high-speed stepper motor and drive so that cutting edge smooth, no glitches.
3. large-format laser cutting incision smooth and fine, to meet the whole fabric cutting, processing.
4. equipped with water protector, better protection of the laser, to extend the service life.

GEM-L1490 laser engraving machine product description:

High-power laser cutting machine 1490 models, is wuhan GEM  laser engraving machine manufacturers, for the advertising industry, handicraft industry, such as sheet metal cutting industry R & D design models, models of the overall characteristics of high power, high precision, For 1400 * 900mm, suitable for most of the plate cutting plate.

GEM-L1490 laser engraving machine Product parameters:



Laser type

Domestic sealed off CO2 laser tube

Laser power

Standard100W(130W/150W/180W/200W optional)

Processing area

Single head:1400×900mm | double head:(700×900)×2

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Processing depth

Power 100W≦ 20mm (acrylic example)

positioning accuracy


Max scanning accuracy


Smallest line of text

Chinese characters: 2 × 2mm, English: 1 × 1mm

Laser energy control

Software control and manual control dual mode

Support for graphic formats


Power supply


Engraving table

Push-pull tooling platform honeycomb or knife bar two optional

Separate output


working environment

Temperature: 0-45℃ , Humidity: 5-95℃



Total power

Single head: ≦ 1100W | double head: ≦ 1450W

Note: double-headed models for the two laser head at the same time processing two identical patterns, the pitch can be manually adjusted, double-headed machine can be compared with a laser head, adjusted for single use, can process the largest format. MT-L1490 double-headed adjustment for single-head work, the maximum processing format: 1490 × 900mm, double-headed work at the same time, each laser head are divided into the largest processing format: 700 × 900mm.

GEM-L1490 laser engraving machine Features:

1. high precision,32-bit dsp chip controller, with three-phase stepper motor and supporting motor motor, you can cut high-speed smooth, crossed, able to perfect the complex processing of cross-cutting and other graphics work.
2. fast, imported six balanced high-speed sliding slide, high stability, faster.
3. Long life,High-performance long-life catalytic laser tube, as well as imported ZnSe focusing mirror, metal eye mirror, high standard long-life supplies, saving customers supplies cost.
4. function, laser cutting machine, engraving machine to support the power to continue carving function. Work outside the power, boot can continue to work. Laser cutting machine supporting software, a comprehensive upgrade, simple operation, support for offline operation and computer operation, full support xp, win7 system operation.
5.laser head, laser cutting machine laser head can be any increase or decrease, single, double-headed models at random choice. Increase or decrease at any time.

GEM-L1490 laser engraving machine  Application fields:

Applicable industry
Industry, advertising industry, decoration industry, craft gift industry, electronic appliances, advertising, logo signs, crystal jewelry, paper cutting process, bamboo technology, packaging and printing, clothing leather, thorn rust, frame production and other industries.

Applicable materials
Leather, paper, cardboard, film, plastic, rubber, double color board, bamboo products, marble, jade, crystal, glass, tile, plant, Fruit and other non-metallic materials.

Samples of GEM-L1490 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine
Samples of GEM-L1490 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

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