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GEM Free Space Optics Equipment

Free Space Optics equipment Is the use of laser through the atmosphere for information transmission of a communication. Atmospheric laser communication equipment can transmit a variety of data, voice, image information, with no electromagnetic interference, flexible network, flexible communication, good confidentiality, cost-effective advantages, the application prospect is very broad. Compared with radio communication, atmospheric laser communication has the characteristics of non-crowding radio frequency resources, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, and does not interfere with other transmission equipment, strong confidentiality and so on. With easy installation, easy to use, it is suitable for special terrain, geomorphology and cable communication is difficult to achieve and high mobility requirements of the work. Compared with optical fiber communication, atmospheric laser communication has the advantages of flexible and fast network construction, safe operation, easy to be eavesdropped, removable, and upgradeable. Therefore, the atmospheric laser communication can greatly improve the communication capability of the optical communication system.

Free Space Optics equipment Features

  • with the current international fastest information transmission rate, up to 10Gbit / s.
  • the maximum communication distance of 7KM, dual channel to ensure that in adverse weather conditions can reach 7KM.
  • the minimum laser beam angle 0.2mard. Effectively prevent other signal effects.
  • with a fast automatic tracking system (ATP), can effectively prevent beam drift.
  • with the atmosphere laser channel and the radio channel dual channel function. Under normal circumstances, the use of atmospheric laser communication channel, in heavy rain and other harsh weather, automatically converted to the radio channel, to maintain a stable communication continuity.
Free Space Optics equipment Parameter index
  • Working voltage: + 12VDC;
  • Communication distance: 0.2 ~ 3Km;
  • Light source: fiber laser;
  • Wavelength: 1.54μm;
  • Output power: 800mW;
  • Laser power adjustment range: 100 ~ 800mW
  • Beam angle: 1mrad;
  • Spot size: 3m (at 3km).

Free Space Optics equipment applications

The application of laser atmospheric communication is very extensive in the military field, can be carried out between the mountains to complete the border posts and forest observation of the communication; can temporarily set up to solve the necessary communications and computer networking or mobile communication as a transfer station; Coast, river, island or ship to achieve short-range confidential communications; the same time, its convenient and confidentiality of the advantages of good, but also very much to meet the battlefield mobile command communication needs.
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