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CO2 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

The best way to describe how our lasers work is to compare the system to your printer. Using similar technology, we take the images you typically print to paper, but instead, we fire a CO2 laser beam that engraves and cuts your design on a wide variety of materials.
  • Laser: CO2 laser source, 30-120 watts
  • Engraving Materials: Wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, leather, Corian, fabric, coated metals, anodized aluminum, ceramics, mylar, pressboard and more.
  • Cutting Materials: Wood, acrylic, plastic, Delrin, cloth, leather, melamine, paper, rubber, veneer, cork and more.
Widely used in adhesive, flexible circuit board, insulation materials, special adhesive tape, optical materials, membrane switch, protective film, shielding material, Mylar, 3M, PVC, PET rubber, PP, conductive tape, foam, dust-proof net, mobile phone accessories and other electronic materials precision die cutting processing. Different from the previous cutting die, laser cutting machine, it is cut with a knife, can also be used to draw, indentation, cutting, positioning, cutting function, vacuum adsorption material cutting machine. The utility model has the advantages of high cutting precision, low production cost, and fast delivery speed. For the electronic material industry to provide a large-scale, small batch, no knife mold, fast die cutting and proofing of professional cutting solutions.
Laser Products
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