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Atmospheric Laser Communication Equipment

Atmospheric laser communication system Features

Atmospheric laser communication system is developed by Gemming Laser Co., Ltd. It is a kind of  point to point. optical fiber laser communication system  used in the atmospheric  Environment. It is composed of two sets of equipment that can be mutually transmit and receive information . Using single mode fiber laser and advanced information coding technology. There is a controller, a fiber laser transmitter and a laser receiver in each equipment.

Both equipment transmit /receive the modulated laser pulse signal to each other,  and demodulate of the pulse signal from each other, So as to achieve the duplex communication.

Atmospheric laser communication system uses fiber laser with  wavelength of 1.54μm (eye-safety wavelength)as the light source, The advantageous is as follows : High quality beam, Stable performance, strong  penetration, can be used in bad weather situation to  achieve a point to point communication at  distance of 0.2~3km . anti-interference, good security . It is widely useful for field exploration operations and measurements.

Parameters of Atmospheric Laser Communication Equipment


Atmospheric laser communication system

Power supply

+12V DC

Communication distance


Source light

Fiber laser



Output laser  power


Laser power adjustment range


Beam divergence angle


Spot diameter

3m(at 3km)

Atmospheric laser communication system Application areas

Laser air communication system with 1.54μm human eye safety wavelength fiber laser as a light source, good beam quality, stable performance, penetrating power, can be used in bad weather conditions, to achieve 0.2 ~ 3km point-to-point communication, anti-interference, confidentiality Strong, can be widely used in field exploration operations and measurements.

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