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3D Laser Engraving Machine

Using 3D laser machine to engrave 3D/2D portraits into 3d laser crystals are developed by our company. The 2D/3D laser crystal images are created by tiny laser points as displayed in the computer images. An image can be engraved into a 3d laser crystal through laser engraving machine that penetrates through the crystal and coordinates with the positions of tiny points depicting the image. The operation of the 3d Laser Crystal Engraving System is controlled by the software with an optimized control algorithm to effectively create each portrait with great quality. The high-quality 3d laser engraving hardware combined with the uniquely designed 3D laser engraving software distinguishes the products of our 3D Laser Crystal Engraving Machine from other's, especially with the features of its easy operation, low maintenance cost and the lowest price in the market.

Our latest super 3d laser engraving machine uses the most advanced technologies to integrate diode-pumped solid-state laser component and computer control software, which is unique and creative 3d laser crystal engraving algorithm designs to achieve 3000 points/s. This 3d laser crystal engraving machine is able you to engrave 3d/2d laser crystal at super speed, which fit into customized 3d laser crystals and massive products. Also, it still has the smaller size, low power consumption and easily movable.
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