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Laser Welding Stainless Steel

Because of the good welding performance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, its welding technology has been continuously developed. In the technology of laser welding of stainless steel, the common laser welding is difficult to meet the welding demand of thick plate because of the low power of laser welding. Composite welding and multi-beam laser welding, both of which have preheating and auxiliary functions, have greatly improved the welding thickness plate and parameter control. The laser fillet welding and active laser welding are used to improve the quality of the workpiece after welding, and have a significant advantage in increasing welding depth after welding. Disk laser welding is widely used in welding of thick plate due to its large thermal input, but its use is limited due to its high cost.

Laser welding is a complex process involving multiple process parameters (laser power density, pulse frequency and width, welding speed, gas flow protection, etc.). In order to get good welding effect, the forming effect is compared under various process parameters, in order to accurately select the optimal technological parameters of improving the efficiency of welding and quality has become the research focus. All kinds of welding effect  (plasma, splash, molten metal flow)of welding is a key factor in the analysis of welding process mechanism. The influence mechanism of welding effect on welding quality under different technological parameters will be the focus of future research.
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