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Laser Welding Plastic

As a conventional industrial material, plastic is widely used in various fields of industrial production, automobile, living products, electronic parts, medical treatment, aerospace, even military, etc. The material type of plastic also increases continuously with the industrial application, in constant updating. For the adhesive process of plastic, long time to focus on the application of glue, thermal pressure welding, ultrasonic welding, high frequency infrared and many other mature processes, however, with the improvement of the technology of plastic products, the traditional plastic processing methods have been obviously deficient. Laser welding has obvious advantages in recent industrial manufacturing applications. Of course, the continuous improvement of laser technology and the decreasing cost of equipment are also the phase of the industry to enter the mass popularization application.
The original general-purpose machine goes to the fitting material and enters the stage where the device can reverse customization equipment according to the product.

At present, compared with traditional technology, although laser welding's advantage is obvious,  laser welding is not a replacement but a supplement to the traditional process. The cost of laser equipment is still very high. Therefore, in general, the processing application of high technology (traditional process cannot be completed) will be processed by laser.

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