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Laser Welding Gold

There are more and more bricks and mortar stores in the market, and the processing way of gold and silver is different. It is suggested that laser welding process should be used. Lasers have a great advantage in both technology and labor costs.

Pure gold jewelry does not need to be soldered. It is a soldering method with no solder, the principle of which is the self melting of the material. When the temperature is heated to the melting point of the gold, the material melts to each other and reaches the welding target. Because of the limits of the materials, the pure gold decorations are divided between the organ and the low-color jewelry. For example, the necklaces are made of low-colored, and the pure gold necklace can only use the s-shaped lock hook (for example, the gold content of the whole necklace will decrease with the spring opening.) There are other rings, low in color about a set of colorful gems, and pure gold jewelry should not be inlaid with precious stones (because the sex is too soft), but only appropriate to engrave, chisel word. The pure gold decorations are mostly soldered.

The laser spot welder uses high energy laser pulses to heat the material locally. The energy of the laser radiation spreads through the heat conduction to the inside of the material, and the material is melted down to form a specific molten pool. Laser spot welder [jewelry spot welder] can weld the same or different materials together.
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