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Laser Welding Glass

The workpiece of glass used to achieve high quality joint effect by gluing method. Now it is possible to use laser welding to replace it with the more economical processing method to achieve the same joint quality. Today, lasers can weld glass components together. The strength of the glass components  mainly depends on the level of pulse energy. The infrared pulse energy of the wavelength of 1030 nanometers reaches 9 mu J and can be processed glass.

The company is currently building a reliable, glass - welded and mass-produced laser welding system to produce the protective cover of the laser fiber. This laser system can also be used as a test system to show potential customers of this new, innovative, reliable laser program. It has been prepared for glass processing and provides a huge advantage. The new glass laser welding system proves its economy and eliminates the disadvantages of traditional techniques such as gluing. The beam path is no longer contaminated, and it does not need to add the adhesive that will be volatile or brittle after long-term use. That means the glass shield will be more durable. At present, we are preparing to further use the glass laser welding process in our own production.
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