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Laser Marking Wood

The color the carbon dioxide laser Marking machine marking on the wood is generally black, marking no other colors. The software compatible format has JPG, AI and so on. After adding the corresponding fixture, it can mark on the surface of different shapes of the wood. And after opening the software function which is specially used for the circular tube marking, it can also achieve seamless docking. You can also add a decoder if you want to bulk production. What's more, after opening the flight marking function, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine can be combined with the line to carry on-line flight laser marking. If you want to carve out a deep pattern, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine is relatively slow. And because the scope of the laser mirror is limited, it is still unable to mark if the marking range is too large. It can only do with a carbon dioxide laser to cut machine which is more suitable for carving. Carved wood products by laser marking machine will be black, in this case, by reducing the current, it will improve the blackening situation, and then yellowing.

If it is a pulse, through raising the Q frequency, and increasing the pulse width and other measures, it can also be achieved.
In addition, if the performance is unstable, it can be improved by way of deviating focus.

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