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Laser Marking Plastic

Most hard plastic is suitable for marking with laser marking machine.
The marking effect varies with the wavelength of the laser marking machine.

General parameters or rules

  • Use small power to test and measure the suitable power of hard material
  • Adjust speed to try to hit, different speeds have different effects
The marking of the laser marking machine is mostly a thermal processing, and it is the result of instantaneous high temperature combustion. The color of the typing depends mainly on the plastic itself, and the effect of the absorption of the plastic on the laser. They have a distinction between the material and the color. The material that the conventional color differences are obvious: ABS, PP, PVC, PE, PET and so on.

In the software of laser marking machine, the color of marking content can be adjusted properly by adjusting the laser power, filling density and frequency. The color of regular marking function: black, white, yellow and gray, but the color has a deep and shallow distinction.
  • GEM-GL-005 Green Laser Marking Machine GEM-GL-005 Green Laser Marking Machine 09 17,2017 Green laser marking machine, the use of semiconductor lasers as a pump source, coupled by the fiber from the end into the laser crystal. So that the pump beam into the gain medium and cavity mode spac... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005グリーンレーザーマーキングマシン GEM-GL-005グリーンレーザーマーキングマシン 09 17,2017 グリーンレーザーマーキングマシン、ポンプ光源としての半導体レーザーの使用、ファイバーによって端からレーザー結晶に結合されています。そのため、ゲイン媒体とキャビティモードのスペーサーへのポンプビーム... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005 그린 레이저 마킹 머신 GEM-GL-005 그린 레이저 마킹 머신 09 17,2017 녹색 레이저 마킹 기계, 펌프 소스로서 반도체 레이저의 사용, 마지막에서 레이저 결정으로 파이버에 의해 결합. 그래서 이득 매체와 공동 모드 우주로 펌프 빔 ... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005 Machine de marquage laser vert GEM-GL-005 Machine de marquage laser vert 09 17,2017 Machine de marquage laser vert, l'utilisation de lasers à semi-conducteurs comme une source de pompe, couplée par la fibre de l'extrémité dans le cristal laser. Alors que le faisceau de la pompe dans le milieu de gain et le mode de cavité spac ... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005 Grüne Laserbeschriftungsmaschine GEM-GL-005 Grüne Laserbeschriftungsmaschine 09 17,2017 Grüne Lasermarkierungsmaschine, die Verwendung von Halbleiterlasern als eine Pumpquelle, die durch die Faser vom Ende in den Laserkristall gekuppelt wird. Damit der Pumpstrahl in den Gain-Medium- und Cavity-Modus spac ... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005 Green Laser Marking Machine GEM-GL-005 Green Laser Marking Machine 09 17,2017 Máquina de marcado láser verde, el uso de láseres semiconductores como fuente de bombeo, acoplado por la fibra desde el extremo al cristal láser. Para que el haz de la bomba en el medio de ganancia y el modo de cavidad spac ... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005 Macchina per marcatura laser verde GEM-GL-005 Macchina per marcatura laser verde 09 17,2017 Macchina per marcatura laser verde, l'uso di laser a semiconduttore come fonte di pompaggio, accoppiata dalla fibra dall'estremità al cristallo laser. In modo che il raggio della pompa nel mezzo di guadagno e nello spazio in modalità cavità ... VIEW
  • Зеленая лазерная маркировочная машина GEM-GL-005 Зеленая лазерная маркировочная машина GEM-GL-005 09 17,2017 Зеленая лазерная маркировочная машина, использование полупроводниковых лазеров в качестве источника накачки, соединенных волокном с конца в лазерный кристалл. Чтобы пучок накачки в усилительную среду и резонаторный режим ... VIEW
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