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Laser Marking Materials

  • Laser Marking Aluminum Laser Marking Aluminum 12 08,2017 Anodium-aluminum marking, if you want to mark black, the high frequency narrow pulse width laser is generally used. The lower the pulse width the better, the higher the frequency, the better, and the ... VIEW
  • Laser Marking Stainless Steel Laser Marking Stainless Steel 12 11,2017 A stainless steel laser can be marked black with a semiconductor laser marking machine. The speed of marking is low, and it can be done with high frequency. The depth of color is also related to the s... VIEW
  • Laser Marking Plastic Laser Marking Plastic 12 11,2017 Most hard plastic is suitable for marking with laser marking machine.The marking effect varies with the wavelength of the laser marking machine.General parameters or rulesUse small power to test and m... VIEW
  • Laser Marking Wood Laser Marking Wood 12 11,2017 The color the carbon dioxide laser Marking machine marking on the wood is generally black, marking no other colors. The software compatible format has JPG, AI and so on. After adding the correspondin... VIEW
  • Laser Marking Acrylic Laser Marking Acrylic 12 11,2017 There are many types of marking machines, but very few are to type directly on plexiglass. The reason is that the organic glass itself is the transparent material, its energy penetration rate is high.... VIEW
  • Laser Marking Jewellery Laser Marking Jewellery 12 11,2017 When you come to choosing jewelry, texture, color, appearance, workmanship and uniqueness are the factors should be considered. Because most of the jewelry uses gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and ot... VIEW
Laser Products
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