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Laser Marking Jewellery

When you come to choosing jewelry, texture, color, appearance, workmanship and uniqueness are the factors should be considered. Because most of the jewelry uses gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other expensive raw materials, the production process requirements are very high. As an advanced processing equipment, laser marking machines have become the first choice for many jewelry manufacturers because of its unique advantages.

With the development of jewelry industry, traditional processing methods have been unable to meet the needs of the market. As advanced processing equipments, laser marking machines have advantages of high processing speed and high efficiency. It can be processed with non-contact marking, which not only has no material loss to the jewelry products, but also the engraved patterns are beautiful and durable. In addition, the marking methods of laser marking machines are also very flexible. You just need to input the specified text or patterns in the software, the laser marking machines will immediately mark the desired effect in a matter of seconds.

In this way, customers' personalized needs are also met. The high precision characteristic of laser marking machines is very suitable for wearing resistant permanent markers on the surface of precious and small rings, necklaces and other jewelry. In today's jewelry market, personalized logo is deeply favored by customers, such as engraving with special meanings of words, greetings and personalized patterns on jewelry. In addition, laser marking machine can also achieve various marks on the surface of copper, stainless steel, silver and gold these majority materials.

  • GEM-GL-005 Green Laser Marking Machine GEM-GL-005 Green Laser Marking Machine 09 17,2017 Green laser marking machine, the use of semiconductor lasers as a pump source, coupled by the fiber from the end into the laser crystal. So that the pump beam into the gain medium and cavity mode spac... VIEW
  • GEM6040KⅡ CO2 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine GEM6040KⅡ CO2 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine 09 17,2017 Widely used in adhesive, flexible circuit board, insulation materials, special adhesive tape, optical materials, membrane switch, protective film, shielding material, Mylar, 3M, PVC, PET rubber, PP, c... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005グリーンレーザーマーキングマシン GEM-GL-005グリーンレーザーマーキングマシン 09 17,2017 グリーンレーザーマーキングマシン、ポンプ光源としての半導体レーザーの使用、ファイバーによって端からレーザー結晶に結合されています。そのため、ゲイン媒体とキャビティモードのスペーサーへのポンプビーム... VIEW
  • GEMJB-F20ファイバーレーザーマーキングマシン GEMJB-F20ファイバーレーザーマーキングマシン 09 17,2017 20Wファイバーレーザーマーキングマシンは、今日、世界の先端レーザー技術を使用して当社が開発した新世代レーザーマーキングシステムです。ファイバレーザ伝送を使用して... VIEW
  • GEM6040KⅡCO2レーザー彫刻機 GEM6040KⅡCO2レーザー彫刻機 09 17,2017 接着剤、フレキシブル回路基板、断熱材、特殊接着テープ、光学材料、メンブレンスイッチ、保護フィルム、遮蔽材、マイラー、3M、PVC、PETゴム、PP、Cに広く使用されています... VIEW
  • GEM-GL-005 그린 레이저 마킹 머신 GEM-GL-005 그린 레이저 마킹 머신 09 17,2017 녹색 레이저 마킹 기계, 펌프 소스로서 반도체 레이저의 사용, 마지막에서 레이저 결정으로 파이버에 의해 결합. 그래서 이득 매체와 공동 모드 우주로 펌프 빔 ... VIEW
  • GEMJB-F20 파이버 레이저 마킹 머신 GEMJB-F20 파이버 레이저 마킹 머신 09 17,2017 20W 파이버 레이저 마킹 머신은 오늘날 세계에서 첨단 레이저 기술을 사용하여 개발 한 새로운 세대의 레이저 마킹 시스템입니다. 광섬유 레이저 전송을 사용하여 ... VIEW
  • GEM6040KⅡ 이산화탄소 레이저 조각 및 절단 기계 GEM6040KⅡ 이산화탄소 레이저 조각 및 절단 기계 09 17,2017 널리 접착제, 유연한 회로 기판, 절연 재료, 특수 접착 테이프, 광학 재료, 멤브레인 스위치, 보호 필름, Mylar, 3M, PVC, PET 고무, PP, C를 차폐 재료에 사용되는 ... VIEW
Laser Products
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