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Laser Marking Aluminum

Anodium-aluminum marking, if you want to mark black, the high frequency narrow pulse width laser is generally used. The lower the pulse width the better, the higher the frequency, the better, and the filling is more dense, about 0.005 Mm. The speed can be relatively high, several hundred millimetres per second.

Regular aluminum marking, it must be determined by what effect you want. Fine marking scans with high power low frequency low speed firstly, and then scans with low power high frequency.

Aluminum marking black depends on your laser. If it is a fiber optic marking machine, then the fiber laser is the most important factor for aluminum marking black. If it is a normal laser with Q mode, you can't mark black. If it is a pulse width tunable mode, you can achieve marking black effectively. The laser with no such function can only mark grayish-black.

The white aluminum plate of laser marking machine can only be used for depth, and the surface of alumina can mark black. Black bottom white words can mark on the black aluminum plate directly, but the aluminum plate needs to be oxidized or electroplated into black.
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